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We’ve been using this unlimited shared hosting since 2009 and having years of sweet experience here. We are monitoring this hosted website for service uptime downtime, and evaluated their customer service as well. We know their strength and weakness. This makes us a fully unbiased review website and all fact publish here are based on our research and experience. In recent years, we have gained access to special coupon price and able to offer special discount to new customer signup. View our latest discount coupons and the current discount price at below.

Is iPage a good web hosting company? has been online since 1998 and currently trusted by over a million domains. Indeed they’re the most favor web-host right now with massive advertisement found all over the Internet. We can see their ads in Youtube and in most other major websites. And this is a web-host with highest traffic and ranked 1147 in Alexa traffic rank. Almost everyone knows about them and this is the right place to go when looking for a quality Internet-hosting service.

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Getting started with iPage’s shared hosting

If you want to establish an online presence, you need to know the important steps that need to be taken. You should know how to get started with your domain, website, email, database and other aspects. These are the basic things that you need so as to set up the perfect platform where you will be interacting with the people you are targeting. Whether you want to set up a website for your company or you are an entrepreneur who wants to embrace e-commerce, you have no option but to get these things right and know how to proceed from there.

Getting started facts1) Pick a free domain name

It is the one that web-users will use to get to you. You need to identify a good name and fond a company that can help you to register it. When it comes to the registration, there are several options that you can choose from. For instance, there are companies that can register the names for free as long as you buy other packages from them. There also are those that will charge you a certain amount depending on the kind of name that you have chosen. You only need to know how to pick the option that suits you best.

When choosing the domain name, make sure that it is one that can promote your website. It always is good to go for one that your clients can easily remember and find. Even when you are the very complicated and sophisticated type, there is nothing that you will gain if you choose a name that pulls you back in your efforts to succeed online. Sometimes, you may have the option of purchasing a name that has already been registered if you feel that it is the one that you really need. The amount payable for such names depends on your negotiations with the party that registered it.

Select a free domain name2) Choose a good website template & design

This is your actual online home where your visitors will find everything that you have to offer. Web design entails a lot of details that may be difficult to master at once. However, this does not mean that you should be scared. In fact, with the increased innovation, there are people who put up sites ion minutes. There also are online platforms such as WordPress which can allow you to set up free websites. Such sites are however limited and you might need to upgrade in order to enjoy more flexibility and freedom.

You also should find a web hosting company in order to make the site live. This is where some people go wrong. There are those who just choose and of the web-hosts that they find around without even bothering to know what they can do. In as much as there are many such companies, you should understand that not all of them can be good. In fact, you will be baffled to learn that there is a big difference in what the companies can do and so, you need to understand how to separate the good from the bad.

Web design is another thing that should be done carefully. Your customers want to like what they see when they land on your website. They also want to navigate easily and find the information that they are looking for fast. In addition to that, they are also looking for god page layouts. This means that you should come up with a design that is in line with your site nature. Do not just pick themes, plugins and other things without knowing what your sites needs and what it does not.

3) Add new email accounts

With your site up and running, you also need to add emails. Emails are what your clients, partners or anyone else online will use to communicate with you. This is a very important factor because without it, you never will even know if there is anyone interested in what you are posting online. An email account that is linked to your site is far much better than those that are offered for free. It makes your communication more credible because as reliable studies have always shown, people often like it when they see a professional email address.

Sending receiving emailIn most cases, the number of emails that you can add to your website depends on your selected package. This is also determined by the price that you are paying for it. For instance, if you choose the lowest priced packages, you may not have a lot of space on your site and so, the mails will be limited. If there are many departments in your company and you would like to include and email for every department, the best thing to do is to talk to the web-hosting company and see if they have a plan that can support enough email addresses.

A database when it comes to online activities simply refers to some space that will store your files and where they will be linked to the site. If you are going to include things such as texts, pictures, graphics and videos, this is where they will be kept. If you find a good web hosting company, you definitely will not have any problem using the database because most of the things are automated. The only thing that you need to be assured of is that the database will be reliable. You do not want a situation whereby your site keeps going down or your data does not appear on the site just because the links to the database are not working well. This can be too costly especially if the site is a commercial one.

In a nutshell, domain, website, email, database and other services are crucial when it comes to online success. Leading contractors will always ask you to take your time and choose those that are appropriate. This is because you only will be setting the stage for your own failure if you rush to choose just anything that comes your way.

IPage review on shared web hosting service.

This plan is general purpose and can be used to host any number of websites. Their unlimited-hosting plan is using high performance web servers’ hardware software, and host website here is made easy with the latest technologies. This plan is all in one package that includes unlimited disc space and transfer. There are no extra charges or hidden cost for extra disk space usage. The usage limits are very high and multiple websites hosting is not a problem. This configuration is able to fulfil 90% of webmaster use. If you feel you’re falling into the last 10%, this budget shared service isn’t for you after all. Here are the unlimited features found in their shared service:

  1. Unlimited disk space and storage for all your online websites.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth or transfer.
  3. Unlimited domains and websites.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database creation.
  5. Unlimited email accounts.

IPage review on unlimited domain and host multiple websites.

This is a web hosting plan that allows multiple-websites, no additional cost to host more websites. They give one free domain-name, Sitelock security and website-builder too. For all these, we are giving them very high score in feature aspect. There is zero risk to signup, you’re protected with anytime money back guarantee and able to request for account cancellation at anytime you want. Their customer service with 24/7 online chat is here to help you whenever you’re in trouble or facing technical problem.

After checking all their features, price and customer service quality… what concern next is the website uptime rating and server speed rating. We want to know how fast their server is and how great their website uptime in reality is. We are using this hosted review site for testing and uptime tracking. In our reviews, we look into every details possible and not only the pre-sales features or promotion coupons that encourage you to signup and not sure what you are getting next.

IPage money back guarantee review.

They offer users anytime money back guarantee and the company will allow for a user to request either a pro-rated or full refund for any reason. Should a user decide at any given moment this product is not for them, you are not pressured to remain under the guise of their services; which allows users to be put at ease?

IPage reliability and technology.

All their services are powered by technology that includes energy efficient web servers, cisco routers and firewalls. They also limit the number of clients per server as a manner to ensure that a single bad apple does not cause chaos for everyone else.

IPage review on customer support.

They provide around the clock customer support to its users. Given that business is conducted in multiple time zones online, your site cannot rest and at any given moment you need access to support to ensure that your site is always properly working. The support sector of the web hosting company is not outsource to third parties overseas, and they are well known for their ability to address issues promptly and offer relevant solutions.

IPage review on overall user rating.

This is not an ordinary budget web-host; they’re the right with over a million website in their network. This hosting company is intensively promoting their product and services online and we can easily spot their advertisement in Youtube and many other social network site. All these further show their strong reputation and acceptance by public user. This is a popular and highly recognized web hosting brand currently available online.

After our many years of experience and user review, we have come out with a more proper rating system. And this web-hosting company is rated accordingly to feature, price and quality. We have to check on everything and both front and back to know the actual truth about their services. We always want to help users to find the most ideal web-hosting plan and signup with the lowest price as possible. This is what this review and coupon site is all about. The following is what we reward them and also our editors’ rating score.

User rating and votes

IPage Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions.

How many shared hosting plans are available at iPage?

There are 2 shared hosting plans available right now; one is the unlimited shared hosting and another one is the WordPress hosting plan. For general purpose websites hosting, the most popular Essential plan is recommended. For blogger that demand WordPress optimized hosting, the newly introduced WordPress hosting plan is suggested.

Can I upgrade from shared to VPS hosting in the future?

The flexibility is always available and user can choose to upgrade or downgrade at anytime they want. For example, shared hosting account can be upgraded to VPS via support request. There is no contract to obey to and user can choose to terminate their shared account at anytime.

If I found the service not suitable, can I cancelled it later?

All shared hosting services comes with anytime money-back guarantee, and this give you the flexibility to cancel or terminate the hosting account at anytime you want. There is no future charges and no contract to sign either.

Can I choose to signup with other than credit card?

At here, users can choose to signup with either using credit card or PayPal payment. For both option, you can choose to use one-off payment and not to renew the service at future. The service subscription can be cancelled anytime and your credit card or PayPal will not be charged in future.

Can I resell the shared hosting service to friend or other people?

This option is not available and shared hosting account only come with 1 login credential and only you can manage the hosting account. does offer reseller service and you can contact their sales department and mention your intention to become their resellers or agents.


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Create a Google and User Friendly Website

A website is the foundation of an online marketing campaign. So, creating a website is vital in order to set in motion the other marketing strategies like a content marketing strategy, SEO strategy or a social media strategy. Hence, do not fail to make a website which is a user friendly and, of course, a Google friendly website. The advantages of such a website are far too many and to enjoy them, here are the steps for creating a perfect website.

1) Provide proper Information

Your homepage should have a good quality and appropriate content. The right content attracts many visitors. And as a result, you will be able to attract webmasters to link your website. A clear and accurate description of your business or product or concerned topic will be able to provide the information the visitors are looking for.

2) No broken Links

A visitor dreads a situation where they are clicking on a given link and not getting anywhere. Broken links should not be present in a user friendly website. Broken Links are signs of outdated website and unprofessional-ism, neither of which you want to portray. Google’s Algorithm is very strict on website that has broken links and thus, check your website regularly to ensure all your links are working perfectly.

3) Mobile Compatibility

Recently, due to the advancement of smart phones, most people are accessing the internet from their phones. So, in order to have a website that can attract potential customers, you have to create a mobile optimized website. With Google mobile site tester you can find how your existing website looks in a mobile phone. So, take help of it and fix your website accordingly to get a good traffic.

4) Provide Contact Information

When a person visits a website, they always have some unanswered questions about the company or product. Hence, it is very important to place all your contact information where it is visible for the visitors. The contact information should include – phone numbers, physical address (if there is any), email address and links to your social media accounts.

5) Valid Clean Code and Mark-Up

Website that sticks to the related website design best standards and practices is dependable and robust. Besides this, following these set of rules allows fast loading of pages and also your website will look more consistent in Google. Along with these advantages, you can also enjoy the benefits of locating problems and you will be able to troubleshoot if there is a need for it. If you are not familiar with these practices and standards, it will be best to take help from an expert on this subject.

Dos for a Friendly Website

  • Correct labeling for all fields.
  • Using of correct validation.
  • The number of fields should be few.
  • Displaying of a on-screen message for completion.
  • Offering suggestions and tooltips.

Don’ts for a creating a Website

  • Filling up the page with keywords.
  • Images for displaying links, content and important names.
  • Multiple copies of the same page under different URLs.

So, these were some of the best ways to create a website that will make it a Google and user friendly website. Remember, you can always take help from a professional to help you in creating the perfect website.

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10 Common Indications Your Website Has Been Hacked

Hackers may gain access to your site to deface it or simply take it down. Others are more subtle; they can hide phishing pages on legitimate domains or even replace ads to generate revenue for themselves rather than you, the real site owner. There is no doubt having your website hacked in very frustrating. So, how can you tell if your site is hacked?

1) Malicious scripts

Malicious scripts are mostly used to redirect site visitors to different sites. They can also be used to load badware from another source. The scripts are often injected by a hacker into the content of your web pages, or sometimes into other files on your server, such as PDFs and images. In certain cases, instead of injecting the whole script into the web pages, the hacker may inject a pointer to a.js or other file that he saves in a directory on your server. In order to avoid detection, the scripts can be divided into smaller parts. These parts can be spread on several files or even several websites. Most of these scripts use obfuscation to make them more difficult for anti-virus scanners to detect.

2) Malicious files

If you find texts and links on your pages that you don’t remember uploading or even recognize them, it’s possible you’re a victim of hacking. Examine the files and folders closely and if you see suspicious content, then delete them.

3) FTP Access log anomalies

File transfer protocol access log is the record of all the times that your site has been accessed via FTP. If you see unknown IP addresses, unauthorized users or suspicious file transfers in the FTP log, then your site has been compromised.

4) Unwanted browser toolbars

Finding your browser with a new toolbar is another common sign of being hacked. These toolbars comes bundled with a software you download. Before you start any download, always read the licensing agreement as it may contain a clause allowing other software to be downloaded with the software you want. Attackers know that people rarely read these agreements.

5) Your passwords have changed inexplicably

If you discover a password you use online has been changed without your knowledge then chances are high you’ve been hacked. If not, your ISP (internet service provider) has been compromised. Hackers may use a phishing email that looks like it came from the service for which the password has been changed. The hackers will then use your log-in details to change the password. Always check an email before you give your details. Also use strong passwords; make sure they are impossible to guess.

6) Warning messages from search engines

Many search engines have the ability to detect possible attack sites and give warnings. For example, Google shows a message next to suspect site results saying ‘This site may be harmful to your computer’. If your site generates such warning messages, then it has been compromised.

7) Hidden iFrames

An iFrame is part of a web page that loads content from another site or page. In most cases, an attacker will inject malicious iFrames into a web page or another file on your own server. The iFrames are configured in such a way that they don’t show up on the web page when a person visits the page. However, the malicious content they are loading will still continue to load, hidden from the visitor’s view.

8) Your visitors are complaining

Your site visitors may notice that something is wrong before you do. If the visitors complain that they have discovered malware on their systems after visiting your site, or tell you the site is redirecting them elsewhere, then your site has been hacked. Your site may also experience a large upsurge in traffic without any good reason.

9) htacess redirects

The Apache web server, used by many hosting providers, uses a hidden server file called .htaccess to configure some access settings for directories on the site. An attacker can modify an existing .htaccess file on your web server or upload new .htaccess file to your web server containing instructions to redirect users to other sites, often the ones that lead to fraudulent product sales.

10) HTTP Log files

Every time a person requests a file or a page from your site, your HTTP log makes a record of the activity. Hacker attempts may also be recorded in the HTTP log. You need to interpret the HTTP log file in order to detect any hacks. There are several online tools that can help you do this.

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How to create a professional looking Photo Gallery Website

The majority of designers, bloggers and developers who seek to create photo gallery websites are already conversant with the fundamentals of building websites. However, there are a good number of them who can be regarded as website rookies – who are creating their very first website – and are totally unfamiliar with the website creating process.

For the beginners, there is a massive amount of information regarding creating photo gallery websites. Most of this information is just an array of confusing hogwash. Here are four essential steps to building a professional looking photo-gallery website.

1) Signing up for hosting and acquiring a domain.

In real estate language, a hosting provider can be seen as the land in which your home resides. You thus cannot do without hosting. Some beginners claim they want operational websites, but without the hosting. Regrettably, this is not realistic, just like you cannot separate the home from the land.

There are variations in hosting quality and pricing. Expect anything between $5 – $50 monthly charges for hosting your photo gallery website, depending on your desired experience. When buying web hosting services, you are buying speed, security, reliability, management and renting an area on a server in which your website files reside. It is good that you shop around for a web host that suits your needs.

A website domain, again with our real estate analogy, refers to your address. Users find you through your domain. Getting a noble domain name is a job in itself. Most likely, the domain name you desire is listed with someone else, and you may need to be a little more creative. General, a memorable and shorter domain is preferred.

2) Choosing a CMS

A CMS (content management system) manages your photo gallery website – like Windows on PC or OSX on Apple. It is the foundation of a house in real estate language – also, the wiring, the plumbing, the drywall, etc. There are many CMS options to manage websites, and WordPress would probably be the best for you because it is extremely powerful, user friendly, secure and completely free.

3) Choosing your photo gallery theme

Assuming you have opted to use WordPress, the theme determines the look of the photo gallery website. In real estate, a theme is the type of landscaping, flooring, or painting of your house. It is how your photos, images or any other content is presented – what users see when they land on your site.

When choosing a theme, consider your needs and preferences. Choosing a theme can be very artistic and subjective. You can change your website theme just as you change your clothes or re-design it once every couple months.

4) Adding photos

Photos are your content and form the most important part of photo gallery website. You know the saying, content is king. It is the food in the fridge, the furniture inside your house: what makes your home habitable. The content of your photo-gallery depends on you. Taking great photos and organizing them in your page is an art you need to master.

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Top 10 advantages of using WordPress blogging platform

WordPress has become the most popular blogging web tool over the years. Currently, it powers over 23% of the web but this percentage rises every single day with more and more people going for it. Below are some of the features that make it more popular than any other blogging platform;

1) Flexibility

WordPress enables you to create any type of website that you want (eg personal website or blog, a business website, a photoblog, a government website, a news/magazine website, even a network of websites etc).

Also, WordPress is available in 2 forms. If you have a personal website you can decide to either download & install WordPress on your domain so that you can manage every aspect of the blog. Alternatively, free hosted blogging solutions are also available at (if you do not want to install & download).Regardless of the option you choose, your data is stored in an open XML format that can easily be transferred to different content management systems or other WordPress blogs.

2) Extensions

WordPress comes with a wide variety of features for every single user (with every feature extended with plugins). Because of this, it is very easy to add functionality to your website by installing WordPress plugins. With just a few clicks, you can easily modify/customize the structure of your blog so that it suits your needs.

3) Themes

Just like WordPress plugins, themes can also be installed easily. With WordPress themes, you can easily and quickly change the look as well as the feel of your blog. Within a few seconds, you can give your website a complete new look.

4) Search engine optimized

Blogs powered by WordPress are optimized for yahoo, Bing and Google right out of the box. It comes with a wide variety of Meta tags that are used by the search engines to determine how to index your pages. Therefore, a WordPress blog will more readily be ranked high in search engines.

5) Easy installation and upgrade

Installing and/or upgrading WordPress is very easy. If you are using FTP program, you simply have to create a database , upload WordPress and then run the installer.

6) Multilingual

WordPress is available in many languages (over 70 languages). Therefore, if you are building a website and would like to use WordPress in any language other than English, you can easily do so.

7) Own your data

Hosted services usually come & go and that is why you sometimes find some annoying adverts on your website. It can be very disappointing to lose a service that you have been using. With WordPress, you own your data and no one has access to it.

8) Built-in comments

Comments usually provide a space where you, your friends as well as your followers can engage with your content. With WordPress’s comment tool, you get everything you need to form a forum for discussion and at the same time moderate the same discussion.

9) Community

WordPress has a vibrant, supportive community that allows you to ask questions and get help. Community is the heart of WordPress and you can attend Meetup or WordCamp. You can also read blogs, tutorial and even posts that will help you learn more about WordPress.

10) Free of use

You have freedom to use WordPress in any way you want/choose to (e.g. install it, modify it, use it, distribute it etc). This is because it is licensed under GPL that was created to protect your freedom.

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Higher Cost of Search Engine Marketing and Advertising

Since the first search engines began their operations in the early 90’s, the market for search engines has maintained a strong level of growth. Over the years the number of more people and businesses advertising on the search engines has increased exponentially, this has led to increased competition, high cost of search engine marketing and poor conversion rates. Additionally, “investing in SEO” has become obsolete due to the various algorithm updates and modifications that have been done by the search engines.

If this trend continues then marketers (particularly smaller businesses) will have to use smarter methods if paid search is to remain a suitable tool. Focusing on the cost per conversion (CPC) for each keyword is paramount in deciding the price you’re willing to pay. Small to medium-sized businesses also have to switch focus to long-tail search terms as the bigger brands with their deeper pockets dominate the search engine listings for the more generic, and as a result highly competitive terms.

There’re many other methods you can use to remain competitive as the cost per conversion increases. Some of these methods include:

  1. Ad tools: like the Google’s Conversion Optimizer will use the conversion tracking data of your website and other factors, with the aim of delivering more conversions at a cheaper cost. Another effective tool that you can use is Ad Scheduling, it enables you to adjust your bids on certain times of the day or days of the week when your conversions are normally at their highest.
  2. Negative placements – By default, many advertisers usually opt to use the Google Display Network for their marketing. This is usually wrong because it means that your advertisements on the display network will be delivered by keyword relevance. As a result if you are bidding on “tablets” your advertisement may display on any site that has Google advertisements running where “tablets” is the topic. This might be okay, but most of the time… it is not.

You should run a report that will show you the websites where your advertisements are being displayed. You should also look at your metrics and identify where you are blowing money without making any conversions and add them as negative placements. You can also, look at the list of websites where your advertisements are being displayed and begin to only target the placements that are working for you.

  1. Focus On The Relevant Audience – Another method of reducing your advertisement costs is by setting your sites lower, and focusing on an audience that’s relevant to your business and location. If your customer base is centered on the geographic location of your business, there is little advantage to competing for position for a prospect that’s 3000 miles away. You should also include keywords that are relevant to your location so that your website can rank higher with the searchers in your area.
  2. YouTube videos – This is the 2nd largest search engine. Although their advertising platform has become more difficult to navigate, it does not make it any less efficient. If you’ve a few videos that you’ve published to Youtube, advertising there can be quite cheap.
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IPage vs. Dreamhost vs. 1and1: Which is our favorite web host?

IPage, Dreamhost and 1and1 hosting are great options for first time blog and website owners. They offer user-friendly website-builders with a wide range of packages which are designed for both beginners and more experienced users. But which one should you pick? This is quite tricky, but you can make a good decision by looking at their features and what they have for you. The following is a close look and will really guide you through.

The general overview. has consistently offered some of the best values in the market. It has very many features and plans which are not available in the other two. It provides a package with lots of helpful features at very affordable rates. It is a great choice, especially when getting started with your first website and when you want many web hosting features on a tight budget. is not an average web-host. It has its own style of offering web hosting services that makes it unique. It offers a wide range of storage devices and service plans. For instance, its control is text based. It doesn’t use graphical tools such as the interface of web-host and cPanel. It gives you free domain and free privacy protection which are usually charged by other companies.

1and1 offers many web hosting packages for different level of website owners. It has several plans although the unlimited plan is the commonest.

Common features provided by all three web hosts.

Unlimited disk storage, monthly bandwidth, email accounts, domains hosted and MySQL 5 databases for Dreamhost and iPage. Full shell access, ssh, ftp and secure ftp users, money back guarantee, custom web-based account control panel, one click software installer, free domain privacy and 100 percent uptime. has some of its unique features include drag and drop site, template based site, personalized domain name at $14.99 per year, blog setup wizard, customize spam filters, email addresses at your domain, webmail to check your mails online, anytime money back guarantee, free listing, Google webmaster tools, site traffic and visitors reporting, high performance load balanced servers, all time network monitoring, enhanced security suite, control pane, flash support, macromedia shockwave, real audio and video support, photo galleries, content management system, Google custom search engine and supports blogs such as b2evolution, pixelpost and WordPress. has a shared-hosting plan that gives users unlimited-hosting and database. It is great for people who want to create numerous WordPress sites. The plan comes with a 97 days of full money back guarantee. It has a text based control panel.

1and1 unlimited plan is very common with numerous basic unlimited core features and free domain with private domain registration for improved privacy. It can host multiple websites, 25 databases, 500 email accounts, geo-redundancy, web space recovery, 500 subdomains, 30 days moneyback guarantee, online mobile storage, google sitemaps, dynamic site creator and website-builder.

What are the pros and advantages? is offering free listing, anytime money back guarantee, has two website-builders, free security suite, user friendly graphic based control panel, discounted prices and unlimited storage, host sites and bandwidth. is with 97 days money back guarantee, 100 percent uptime guarantee, live chats on logging in and optimized WordPress-hosting, free domain privacy and one click software installation.

1and1 is with geo-redundancy for protection, Sitelock basic, mobile site-builder and unlimited web-space.

What are the cons and disadvantages? is occasional up-selling when logging in and Webalizer stats are listed together. is with extra cost due to very many features, additional costs for premium-hosting and text bases cPanel which is not always intuitive.

1and1 is lack live chat support, the control panel is not very intuitive, limited databases, email accounts and host sites.

Our final verdicts.

IPage has the best features of all the three web-hosts. It is therefore a great choice for beginners and people who want to save a few bucks without compromising the quality of web hosting. They let you host unlimited domains and create unlimited databases. This means you don’t have to worry if you are planning to create many content management sites. It comes with an option of dragging and dropping site builder or template site builder. You will also enjoy easy integration with Google regardless of whether you are adding features such as Google search or webmaster tools to your site. Your site will be protected from viruses, malware and hackers since it comes with Sitelock security for protection. This clearly shows you will enjoy more benefits than with Dreamhost or 1and1. Subscribe today and for sure, you will not regret this decision.

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