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We’ve been using this unlimited shared hosting since 2009 and having years of sweet experience here. We are monitoring this hosted website for service uptime downtime, and evaluated their customer service as well. We know their strength and weakness. This makes us a fully unbiased review website and all fact publish here are based on our research and experience. In recent years, we have gained access to special coupon price and able to offer special discount to new customer signup. View our latest discount coupons and the current discount price at below.

Introduction to iPage

This definitely is one of the most successful name in the web hosting industry. For more than 10 years now, it has been known for providing the best options that can help in creation of a successful website. With the flexible options, you just like many of their customers can get the advantage of writing your own code via HTML, partnership with Google and other such big names, customized templates for site building, complete support to make sure emails are received and sent quickly and so much more.

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Is iPage a good web hosting company?

They have been online since 1998 and currently trusted by over a million domains. Indeed they’re the most favor web host right now with massive advertisement found all over the Internet. We can see their ads in Youtube and in most other major websites. And this is a web host with highest traffic and ranked 1147 in Alexa traffic rank. Almost everyone knows about them and this is the right place to go when looking for a quality Internet hosting service.

iPage review on shared web hosting service.

This plan is general purpose and can be used to host any number of websites. Their unlimited-hosting plan is using high performance web servers’ hardware software, and host website here is made easy with the latest technologies. This plan is all in one package that includes unlimited disc space and transfer. There are no extra charges or hidden cost for extra disk space usage. The usage limits are very high and multiple websites hosting is not a problem. This configuration is able to fulfil 90% of webmaster use. If you feel you’re falling into the last 10%, this budget shared service isn’t for you after all. Here are the unlimited features found in their shared service:

  1. Unlimited disk space and storage for all your online websites.
  2. Unlimited bandwidth or transfer.
  3. Unlimited domains and websites.
  4. Unlimited MySQL database creation.
  5. Unlimited email accounts.

iPage review on unlimited domain and host multiple websites.

This is a web hosting plan that allows multiple websites, no additional cost to host more websites. They give one free domain-name, Sitelock security and website builder too. For all these, we are giving them very high score in feature aspect. There is zero risk to signup, you’re protected with anytime money back guarantee and able to request for account cancellation at anytime you want. Their customer service with 24/7 online chat is here to help you whenever you’re in trouble or facing technical problem.

To add new domain to your account, simply go to vDeck control panel and proceed to domain central. At here, choose to add new domain that you already own, or purchase a new domain from them and automatically get added to your hosting account. Once all are done correctly, the new domain will be made available and you can host a separate website from here.

iPage review on WordPress hosting.

They are giving a tough competition to their rivals with their WordPress hosting service that comes with the best features and that too at a great price. From collection of the best WordPress themes to customized control panel to Jetpack to W3 Total Cache, get a convenient support from it. Besides this, you can also enjoy SSD-based infrastructure along with newly configured servers to excellent security for elimination of malware are also a part of this service.

iPage review on VPS hosting.

Enjoy instant deployment with their VPS hosting. You can have the ability to create unlimited FTP accounts, POP3 accounts, MySQL database, domains and sub domains. Besides this, you will also get to enjoy a customizable configuration with Preinstalled Scripts that includes Curl, CGI, Cron, FrontPage and more.

iPage review on dedicated servers.

With cloud-based flexibility enjoy fully managed support with the dedicated servers service that is provided by them. With their help you will be able to be worry free as like their other services, this one also comes with scalable payment term options. Besides this, they can help you properly as they have cPanel which is easy to use along with an optional root access. So, it is giving you the option of independent control.

iPage review on data center.

Enjoy not one but two data centers that are equipped with great security 24/7 and same equipment and network architecture. Besides, they happens to run on N+ 1 power. Both of the data centers are in Boston, MA. They have put forward the essentials that are needed to create a website easily and quickly. So, as a result you will be showered with beneficial options like marketing your website, building and also designing the website of yours, to sell online, an expert customer support and so much more.

iPage review on green technology.

The fact that it can provide you the option of creating an eco-friendly website is what set them apart from the rest. With their different services you can have 100% wind powered servers, data centers and also offices that are supporting your website. Besides, you can increase your website’s traffic as you will be the owner green marketing campaign. They happen to purchase two times the amount in RECs for the KWH of energy that they use. Based on this calculation, it amounts into plantation of around 244 acres of plants and trees. With it you can get free green badges and certificate also.

iPage review on security.

Their database lockdowns, firewalls, admin team, pooled structure and encryption practices was able to create a very secured environment for you. Thanks to their SiteLock security you are getting malware scans that will be done daily and also you are getting the advantage of using spam scanning that will help you to stay away from spam list, meaning your email won’t be blocked. Besides this, you are also getting the advantage of verified domain and posting of security badge which ultimately will make your visitors gain trust in your website.

iPage review on customer support quality.

With this web host, you are getting a great customer support. You will be given the option to go through many different knowledgebase articles along with a guide that will explain you all the legal way to use your web hosting account. To make sure that you are always satisfied, it has Help Center which can be contact 24/7 via online, telephone and live chat.

They provide around the clock customer support to its users. Given that business is conducted in multiple time zones online, your site cannot rest and at any given moment you need access to support to ensure that your site is always properly working. The support sector of the web hosting company is not outsource to third parties overseas, and they are well known for their ability to address issues promptly and offer relevant solutions.

iPage review on reliability and technology.

All their services are powered by technology that includes energy efficient web servers, cisco routers and firewalls. They also limit the number of clients per server as a manner to ensure that a single bad apple does not cause chaos for everyone else.

iPage review on money-back guarantee.

If all these features was not enough to prove that it happens to be one of the best when it comes to web hosting, then let’s now talk about the money back guarantee option. They are very much confident that you will be happy with the options of easy set up of your website, best security suite and their 24/7 customer support. So, for this reason, they offer the 30 day money back guarantee. According to this, if you are not satisfied with what they have to offer, you can simply get the hosting fee back.

If you are thinking what will happen if you already register for a domain via then there is no need to worry as they have a non-refundable domain fee in such a case. The amount is very small and it also makes sure that you do not lose your domain name.

iPage review on domain services.

With the different services and support provided, you can create your website easily, they are also giving you the advantage of an excellent domain registration and service. So, with it you can easily create your very own unique identity. So, some of the advantages that you will received are definitely domain privacy, automated domain renewals, enhancement of the domain performance, transferring of existing domain and also sub domains.

iPage review on marketing services.

They have for you the best marketing service. You can get all the boost you need to bring in more traffic to your website as it provides qualified search engine optimization services to Email marketing to Search engine marketing to Google app for different work. Besides this, you are also getting help from their credit card processing service that will help you to get different kinds of online payments easily and, of course, securely.

iPage review on Ecommerce services.

To make sure that you can do your business online smoothly, they have for you different tools that will help you to launch your online store quite easily. So, with their help and you can get the benefit of credit card processing (including PayPal), SSL certificates, Ecwid E-commerce and much more.

iPage review on overall user rating.

This is not an ordinary budget web host; they’re the right with over a million website in their network. This hosting company is intensively promoting their product and services online and we can easily spot their advertisement in Youtube and many other social network site. All these further show their strong reputation and acceptance by public user. This is a popular and highly recognized web hosting brand currently available online.

After our many years of experience and user review, we have come out with a more proper rating system. And this web hosting company is rated accordingly to feature, price and quality. We have to check on everything and both front and back to know the actual truth about their services. We always want to help users to find the most ideal web hosting plan and signup with the lowest price as possible. This is what this review and coupon site is all about. The following is what we reward them and also our editors’ rating score.


IPage customer testimonial and feedback.

What their existing customer have to say about this web hosting company is rather important and this is the honest first hand testimonial. If a web host is excellent and they are doing everything as promised, basically the level of user complaints will be very low and the same time having lots of remarkably positive reviews. Following are some of their user reviews submitted to us all these years: more

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How to Promote Your Business Online?

If you want to be really successful, no matter if you’re a big or small business, it’s important that you think about using the power of the Internet and ensure that your business is reaping all the fame and success it can. Nowadays, more people find products and services online than through the traditional marketing media. If you don’t have an online presence, you are missing out on a valuable means of promoting your business. Below is a list of some of the fast and effective ways you can use to promote your business online.

How to Promote Your Business Online?

  1. Take Advantage Of Social Media Platforms

One of the most effective ways to promote your business online is by harnessing the power of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook and the large audiences they command. Being successful on the social media platform usually requires building an online audience for your business.

You can use the social media to advertise your services, update your blog post, engage with your clients and even advertise directly to the potential clients. You should post regularly and ensure the content of your website is timely and relevant. Through the social media you can get information that will enable you to advertise specifically to a person’s particular interest, to an age group or even to a local area, the possibilities are quite staggering. Another great advantage of social media advertising is that it will deliver measurable results for your online promotion.

  1. Write And Maintain A Blog

Blogging on your site is a great way to increase the presence of your webpages and naturally increase your page ranking through search engine optimization. However, remember that you must always keep your stream updated as frequently as you can. An abandoned, dormant blog is worth nothing. Additionally, you can search for influential bloggers in your industry and request them to review your services or products in return for a free and useful resource and product for them to use.

  1. Put Up Multimedia On YouTube And Flickr

YouTube offers a free way to advertise your services and products through creating creative online promotion videos, but in order to succeed you must put up content that is relevant to your business and that people want to view. You can also use YouTube to build your reputation as an expert in your industry. This might include uploading short video tips or video tutorials, as well as linking to the other experts’ videos which relate to your area of interest.

Having a Flickr profile can also help to promote your business since it gives you one place to compile all the pictures that are related to your business, and enables you to link them back to your site. Posting these YouTube links on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook gives the potential customers a dynamic way of seeing what your business has to offer.

  1. Use Listing Services

Google Places, Bing Places and Yahoo! Local are some of the best listing services you can use to promote your business online. In order for you to take advantage of these listing services, you should register your business with your desired search engine. You only have to fill a form and go through a process of confirmation. The entire process will only take a few minutes and the benefit of your business appearing on Google Maps and the other search engines is great. When creating your business listings, ensure that you enter your data the same way, every time, on every website.

  1. SEO Your Business Website

Optimizing your site with relevant and suitable keywords is vital in enabling your web presence to rise drastically. After you have determined the right keywords, by focusing and targeting the keywords you will be able to increase your site’s chance of increasing its ranking through search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, with SEO being typically grouped into two categories, on-page and off-page SEO, you must remember to allocate equal attention to both of them.

On-page SEO deals with the back end technicalities of your site and it involves using the specific settings for your site elements like the headers, descriptions, Meta titles and alternative image text. Off-page SEO involves the optimization of factors that exist outside the boundaries of your site and it revolves around social bookmarking, social media and link building.

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click (PPC) advertising like Google Adwords, is an effective and fast way to promote your services and products online. It enables you to target potential clients who are looking for products or services which are related to your offering, with the adverts appearing on Google’s search results page. Being on a pay-per-click basis, your advertisement will be charged for only when it’s clicked and the visitors reach your website. Some of the advantages of PPC advertising include flexibility, control over locations, multiple formats and long tail keywords.

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Is online auction business dead? – The truth

Is online auction business dead? Over the decade, online auction has proven to be the an ideal option for auctioneers who want to access a global market regardless of their geographical location. However, it faces unique challenges which, with time, have necessitated the creation of revolutionary systems that enhance seller reputation and buyer protection.

Common online auction alternatives:

  1. English Auction.

Being one of the most popular online-auction business round the globe, English online-auction involve reserve-price being fixed for the products. Participants place their bids and the highest bidder gets to buy the product.

  1. Sealed bid first-price alternative.

Just like the English auction, the participants place their bids and the highest amount bidder gets to buy the good. The good thing about this auction is that participants don’t get to know the amount their fellow participants’ bid.

  1. All-pay auction.

In all-pay online-auction, as a bidder, whether you win or not you’ve to pay the bidding amount. It is therefore a very risky alternative.

  1. Dutch auction.

This is where the auctioneer sets a high-price for his or her products but the price is usually lowered if the customers are not ready to purchase the product at that price.

  1. Sealed-bid second price online-auction.

Mostly used by prominent sites like Amazon and eBay, this type of online-auction is very unique. It involves the highest bidder paying the second highest amount rather than the highest bid..


  • Large number of sellers and bidders.

There are a large number of sellers in this business model because of the large number of bidders, the ease of access, the potential for a relatively high price and the reduced selling costs. On the other hand, the large number of bidders is as a result of the social benefits the business has and the broad scope of goods and services available.

  • No time constraints.

The fact that bids can be placed at any time of the day or at any day of the week makes this business very convenient. This convenience is what increases the number of bidders.

  • No geographical constraints.

Another important advantage about this business is that bidders and sellers can participate from anywhere as long they have internet access. More so, the products don’t need to be shipped to a central location thereby reducing costs.

  • No start-up costs.

Since this is an online business, traditional startup costs like insurance plans, lease space and employees are not required for both initial and on-going success.

  • No dispute difficulties as long as the business is genuine.

This is because the businesses usually have a complaint procedure to deal with any kind of disputes. Quite often a compromise is usually reached so that both parties are satisfied. More so, with a business seller you’re covered by the consumer rights.

  • Prominent privacy policy.

This ensures that the business provide the customer a secure link whenever he or she enters credit card details and do not sell customer’s information.

  • Favorable shipping costs.

Most genuine online-auction businesses usually cut down on the distribution cost of items. They also store the items for their customers until they are ready for shipping, protect the goods from damage and reduce the packaging price.


  • Scams.

Both buyers and sellers can be subjected to scamming. Some traders make use of unfair or illegal actions just to push up the bids to scam the online buyer. However, there are still many genuine online-auction businesses out there.

  • Some products are not as advertised.

Some products displayed on online-auction sites are fake as they sometimes don’t match the description posted on the site. This is common in illegal auction businesses.

  • No buyers protection in some sites.

An online auction business will have no obligations in relation to the products advertised for sale on its site. This means that it’s not responsible for the content of the advertisements placed.

  • Seller reputation.

It is difficult to ascertain the credibility of the seller based on online evidence. Some customer reviews are bought to mislead the buyer to think the seller is reputable which in real sense may be far from the truth.

Is Amazon The Answer To This?

To some extent Amazon has provided an answer to most online auction flaws. For instance, it has made it easier to ascertain seller reputation because reviews are only posted by past buyers. Amazon has also helped reduce scams especially by enhancing buyer protection.

Online auction is not dead. It has only changed with time due to growing needs and challenges. To-date, this type of business continues to make it easier to do business online by providing a favorable environment for buyers and sellers alike.

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