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This iPage review site is hosted. We’ve been using this unlimited shared hosting since 2009 and having years of sweet experience here. We are monitoring this hosted website for service uptime downtime, and evaluated their customer service as well. We know their strength and weakness. This makes us a fully unbiased review website and all fact publish here are based on our research and experience. In recent years, we have gained access to special coupon price and able to offer special discount to new customer signup. View our latest discount coupons and the current discount price at below.

$1.99 discounts

Is iPage a good web hosting company? This iPage.com definitely is one of the most successful name in the web hosting industry. For more than 10 years now, it has been known for providing the best options that can help in creation of a successful website. With the flexible options, you just like many of their customers can get the advantage of writing your own code via HTML, partnership with Google and other such big names, customized templates for site building, complete support to make sure emails are received and sent quickly and so much more.

They have been online since 1998 and currently trusted by over a million domains. Indeed they’re the most favor web host right now with massive advertisement found all over the Internet. We can see their ads in Youtube and in most other major websites. And this is a web host with highest traffic and ranked 1147 in Alexa traffic rank. Almost everyone knows about them and this is the right place to go when looking for a quality Internet hosting service.

iPage review on shared web hosting service. This plan is general purpose and can be used to host any number of websites. Their unlimited-hosting plan is using high performance web servers’ hardware software, and host website here is made easy with the latest technologies. This plan is all in one package that includes unlimited disc space and transfer. There are no extra charges or hidden cost for extra disk space usage. The usage limits are very high and multiple websites hosting is not a problem. This configuration is able to fulfil 90% of webmaster use. If you feel you’re falling into the last 10%, this budget shared service isn’t for you after all. Here are the unlimited features found in their shared service:

  • Unlimited disk space and storage for all your online websites.
  • Unlimited bandwidth or transfer.
  • Unlimited domains and websites.
  • Unlimited MySQL database creation.
  • Unlimited email accounts.

iPage review on unlimited domain hosting. This is a web hosting plan that allows multiple websites, no additional cost to host more websites. They give one free domain-name, Sitelock security and website builder too. For all these, we are giving them very high score in feature aspect. There is zero risk to signup, you’re protected with anytime money back guarantee and able to request for account cancellation at anytime you want. Their customer service with 24/7 online chat is here to help you whenever you’re in trouble or facing technical problem.

To add new domain to your account, simply go to vDeck control panel and proceed to domain central. At here, choose to add new domain that you already own, or purchase a new domain from them and automatically get added to your hosting account. Once all are done correctly, the new domain will be made available and you can host a separate website from here.

With the different services and support provided, you can create your website easily, they are also giving you the advantage of an excellent domain registration and service. So, with it you can easily create your very own unique identity. So, some of the advantages that you will received are definitely domain privacy, automated domain renewals, enhancement of the domain performance, transferring of existing domain and also sub domains.

iPage review on WordPress hosting. They are giving a tough competition to their rivals with their WordPress hosting service that comes with the best features and that too at a great price. From collection of the best WordPress themes to customized control panel to Jetpack to W3 Total Cache, get a convenient support from it. Besides this, you can also enjoy SSD-based infrastructure along with newly configured servers to excellent security for elimination of malware are also a part of this service.

iPage review on VPS hosting. Enjoy instant deployment with their VPS hosting. You can have the ability to create unlimited FTP accounts, POP3 accounts, MySQL database, domains and sub domains. Besides this, you will also get to enjoy a customizable configuration with Preinstalled Scripts that includes Curl, CGI, Cron, FrontPage and more.

iPage review on dedicated servers. With cloud-based flexibility enjoy fully managed support with the dedicated servers service that is provided by them. With their help you will be able to be worry free as like their other services, this one also comes with scalable payment term options. Besides this, they can help you properly as they have cPanel which is easy to use along with an optional root access. So, it is giving you the option of independent control.

iPage review on data center. Enjoy not one but two data centers that are equipped with great security 24/7 and same equipment and network architecture. Besides, they happens to run on N+ 1 power. Both of the data centers are in Boston, MA. They have put forward the essentials that are needed to create a website easily and quickly. So, as a result you will be showered with beneficial options like marketing your website, building and also designing the website of yours, to sell online, an expert customer support and so much more.

The fact that it can provide you the option of creating an eco-friendly website is what set them apart from the rest. With their different services you can have 100% wind powered servers, data centers and also offices that are supporting your website. Besides, you can increase your website’s traffic as you will be the owner green marketing campaign. They happen to purchase two times the amount in RECs for the KWH of energy that they use. Based on this calculation, it amounts into plantation of around 244 acres of plants and trees. With it you can get free green badges and certificate also.

Their database lockdowns, firewalls, admin team, pooled structure and encryption practices was able to create a very secured environment for you. Thanks to their SiteLock security you are getting malware scans that will be done daily and also you are getting the advantage of using spam scanning that will help you to stay away from spam list, meaning your email won’t be blocked. Besides this, you are also getting the advantage of verified domain and posting of security badge which ultimately will make your visitors gain trust in your website.

iPage review on customer support quality. With this web host, you are getting a great customer support. You will be given the option to go through many different knowledgebase articles along with a guide that will explain you all the legal way to use your web hosting account. To make sure that you are always satisfied, it has Help Center which can be contact 24/7 via online, telephone and live chat.

They provide around the clock customer support to its users. Given that business is conducted in multiple time zones online, your site cannot rest and at any given moment you need access to support to ensure that your site is always properly working. The support sector of the web hosting company is not outsource to third parties overseas, and they are well known for their ability to address issues promptly and offer relevant solutions.

iPage review on money-back guarantee. If all these features was not enough to prove that it happens to be one of the best when it comes to web hosting, then let’s now talk about the money back guarantee option. They are very much confident that you will be happy with the options of easy set up of your website, best security suite and their 24/7 customer support. So, for this reason, they offer the 30 day money back guarantee. According to this, if you are not satisfied with what they have to offer, you can simply get the hosting fee back.

If you are thinking what will happen if you already register for a domain via iPage.com then there is no need to worry as they have a non-refundable domain fee in such a case. The amount is very small and it also makes sure that you do not lose your domain name.

iPage review on marketing services. They have for you the best marketing service. You can get all the boost you need to bring in more traffic to your website as it provides qualified search engine optimization services to Email marketing to Search engine marketing to Google app for different work. Besides this, you are also getting help from their credit card processing service that will help you to get different kinds of online payments easily and, of course, securely.

To make sure that you can do your business online smoothly, they have for you different tools that will help you to launch your online store quite easily. So, with their help and you can get the benefit of credit card processing (including PayPal), SSL certificates, Ecwid E-commerce and much more.

iPage review on overall user rating. This is not an ordinary budget web host; they’re the right with over a million website in their network. This hosting company is intensively promoting their product and services online and we can easily spot their advertisement in Youtube and many other social network site. All these further show their strong reputation and acceptance by public user. This is a popular and highly recognized web hosting brand currently available online.

After our many years of experience and user review, we have come out with a more proper rating system. And this web hosting company is rated accordingly to feature, price and quality. We have to check on everything and both front and back to know the actual truth about their services. We always want to help users to find the most ideal web hosting plan and signup with the lowest price as possible. This is what this review and coupon site is all about. The following is what we reward them and also our editors’ rating score.


iPage review on customer testimonials. What their existing customer have to say about this web hosting company is rather important and this is the honest first hand testimonial. If a web host is excellent and they are doing everything as promised, basically the level of user complaints will be very low and the same time having lots of remarkably positive reviews. Following are some of their user reviews submitted to us all these years:

Chi, “When my kids told me about this web host, I was skeptical about it because I have never heard about the site before. The registration process took about 4 days because the operator that handled it omitted the free domain registration. But after that, it has been a smooth ride. My daughter is still building up the site, but I think my experience with them has been good. God bless.”

Hassan, “This iPage.com is the best hosting. I hosted all my domains at here now and really love the support. I got several problems on my end and they handle everything carefully and solve the problems. The best thing is that they are the best till now.”

Brenda, “I being with them for about 10 months. I have two website so far and looking to have the third one. There are a couple things deserve to be said. And one is: their customer supports services. It’s great. They try to help with every problem I had have until this day. Some time you can get a lazy guy that don’t want to do his job correctly, but other than that is a very good company.”

Kendy, “I’m using this webhosting for my university forum. I feel completely comfortable when used MyBB source at here. My forum was protecting with SiteLock basis security package (come Free) when I purchasing hosting and this makes me feel secure. They are great. You should choose this hosting for $3.50 per month and this will be more than you want.”

Loi, “I started my site with them and I pleased when host my website in here. They are with good speed and quick support. Site stability is an important thing with an online shopping site. Priced at $2.95 per month (upon promotion), it is a great choice and wise.”

Tuyen, “iPage’s speed is fast and cost is low. Technical support is with professional attitude. This enthusiastic is what I experienced when using this hosting. I have multiple pages and stored at this provider. There are a lot of my data when I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress and I have trouble at first but I have received very professional support from them and all my data is free transfer quickly. for $3.50 per month when you purchase 24 months hosting packages.”

Ridge, “This iPage.com is a great host. They have good support, very cheap prices and great features. They give unlimited email addresses, an awesome cPanel and over $400 worth of advertising. It has it’s own site builder, which I did not use but it looked like a good tool. They had a zero downtime. Overall, I think this is an awesome host. It only costs $3.50 a month, a real bargain for all these features. This is the best hosting service I could find. I highly recommend.”

Jeffrey, “This is a great place for anyone hosting needs. With unlimited space, bandwidth and support are just clicks away. The cPanel is also very easy to use as you can easily make a blog literally within seconds. I would recommend this hosting for any novice to expert in a heartbeat. They are the best.”

Kenneth, “This is a great hosting, the fees are low, customer service is responsible, and the Control Panel is very easy to use. I also like the affiliate program where I can earn extra money by helping my friends out in hosting. There is nothing quite like this out there.”

Pia, “A few weeks back I started a site. I was looking around Google and found them. It seemed cheap compared to other hosting sites. I personally haven’t been affected by any downtime. IPage’s customer service is really great as I had some problems setting it up, but they helped me and my page is now up without problems.”

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iPage review and coupon by Jason Livingston

It is necessary for you to read iPage review before you make your final decision whether to host your website by the help of the company. iPage is a hosting company that is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG). The Endurance International Group is a company that has been in operation for more than 15 years. They have more than 2 million domains which have been hosted in their platforms. Some of the big names in the hosting industry that Endurance Group International own include FatCow, HostMonster, BlueHost, JustHost, PowWeb, StartLogic among others. Although the parent company has a lot of web hosting companies, iPage stands out as the best when it comes to prices. You will also access iPage coupon from time to time which will make your hosting services very cheap. For you to know whether iPage is the best company for you to sign up for web hosting services; here is iPage review to act as your guide:

Host unlimited domains

After you sign up at iPage you will be offered a free domain. iPage will also allow you to host unlimited number of domains on a single account. In case you will like to add sub domains on each domain which you will register, you will be allowed to add unlimited number of sub domains. Parked and add on domains at iPage are also unlimited. In case you are looking to host several websites, then iPage unlimited domain hosting feature will make it very easy for you to host the website and manage them from a single platform.

Excellent customer support

The company offers 24/7 phone, email and chat support services. In about a minute you will have your phone call answered. This will help you in resolving issues which may be disturbing you when trying to host your website. There are those who will like to learn on their own and solve issues while designing their websites. The company has gone an extra mile and put measures in place to ensure there are enough articles and tutorials that will enlighten you on how to solve different issues on your own. All the support professionals have enough experience which will enable them solve your problem easily.

Shared and dedicated SSL certificates

You need SSL certificates for you to develop confidence while carrying out online transactions. You can opt for other platforms to help you in carrying out online transactions, but you will be required to direct your customers to other sites where they will accomplish the transactions. That will not be the case after you decide to access a dedicated SSL certificate from iPage which will enable you carry out transaction even those that involve use of personal information on your website. The dedicated SSL certificates at iPage are offered at great discounts to make it easy for you while applying for them.

Simple account management

The cPanel offered by iPage is very simple. From the control panel you will easily manage your email addresses, all your domains, account settings and any other aspects of your web hosting account. You will also achieve in viewing statistics on the nature of traffic you receive in your website from the control panel.

Easy-to-use web design tools

At iPage you will easily design your own website even if you are a newbie. You will have simple website design tools which you will easily use irrespective of your experience. For those who will like to have custom websites, the drag and drop tool will work very well for them. The tools are also very helpful in helping you come up with a mobile friendly website.

Lots of advertising bonuses

Upon sign up you will access a lot of bonuses from iPage. For example, you will access $100 free Google adWords after you spend $25. For those who will like to advertise in Facebook, there is a $50 Facebook advertising credit and $25 for yahoo and Bing sponsored searches. You will also access a free listing on YelloPages.com with a toll free number for your company.

In case you are looking for a web hosting company, it is advisable for you to take your time and compare different companies that offer the services before you decide on one. Starting from $1.99, you will have a web hosting service at iPage. This is a great deal you will have in case you will like to save money.

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iPage review and coupon by Ben Coleman

Web hosting services have become an important part of the businesses nowadays. Since the internet has become highly powerful, many companies want to make their own online presence. The best way to do so is by having the company’s website or a blog. For this you will need one the most reliable and versatile web hosting service. If you are looking for one such web hosting service, then iPage can be the best one for you. Here is the iPage review in details for you.

Features And Benefits

You will get all the expected main and essential features that in the iPage. These features are really very important as well as beneficial for the people. You will get 25 GB of disk space and unlimited bandwidth with the packages of iPage web hosting service. In addition to this you will also get unlimited email accounts, parked domains and sub domains. So, it is perfect for the small or new businesses who want to make an online presence. You can get all the basic features and easy to use tools will help you a lot.

You will get a lot of marketing tools such as free Bing credit, free Google vouchers, authentic seal as well as visitor analytics. It also comes with 1000s of designs which will help you to prepare a great website that will look good too.iPage review clears that the security features of this web hosting service is really great. It provides business verification, highly secure data centre, malware scanning as well as network scanning. All these basic and advanced features make this web hosting service more reliable and beneficial.

Control Panel Of iPage

The control panel of the iPage is quite efficient and helpful too. You will able to manage and control your website or blog with the help of this easy to use control panel of the iPage. The best thing about this control panel is that you can choose from a lot of templates which will work for you excellently. This will help you to complete your website designing. Control panel of iPage review is quite good and the customers are very much satisfied the way it works. It is simple and user friendly yet it has all the essential tools to build the website for your company.

iPage Coupons And Discounts

There are a lot of websites available online which will help you to get the best of the coupon codes and discounts online. The best thing that you can do is to choose one of the preferred iPage web hosting packages and apply theiPage coupon code. This will help you to get discounts and the offers which you have opted for. Thus you can get the best package in a very affordable rate. Applying the coupon code can help you to save a lot of money too while you are getting the service. But make sure that you are not falling into any kind of false website. You need to do proper researches to find out which website offers genuine and valid coupons for iPage.

iPage Customer Care

The customer care service is really great. They are available 24 x 7 for your help and to provide you with the best solution for your problems. You can contact them via phone, chat and email. The team working for the customer support is highly professional and knowledgeable. Thus they can provide instant and effective solution to all the customers who need help or want to solve any particular situation. In case of any server problem or queries just call or email the customer service of iPage to get instant solution. You will be provided with the best solution possible for all your queries.


So, from the above iPage review it is quite clear to you that this web hosting service is quite reliable as well good. The best part is that it offers all the basic features essential and beneficial for creating website that too in a very low and affordable price. If you just have started your own business and looking forward to create a webpage for your business, then this iPage can be one of the best choices for you to opt as a web hosting service. The features available in this web hosting service is undoubtedly the best ones for the beginners.

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